The web platform you have been waiting for to innovate and semplify data management, with the guarantee of being always updated about legislative news and, foremost, GDPR compliant.

ROSS, our Stone Balance mascot, will guide you inside DPOWeb, to let you discover all its many advantages.

Here are some of them:

1) Communications between DPO and customer not only tracked, but always accessible and grouped on a single platform.

2) Constant updating on the new Provisions of the Guarantor that come into force.

3) Possibility for the DPO to create a multidisciplinary work team, with a guarantee for the customer of a highly professional service.

4) Certified GDPR audits, even remotely, through the use of predefined or customizable templates with a guarantee of control and compliance for the customer.

5) Reduction of travel costs for the DPO with consequent savings for the customer and greater environmental sustainability for all.


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